Chiral fermions

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Lattice 2017 will be held in Granada, Spain on 19--24 June, 2017. A complete list of meetings held in TIFR is available.

Gauge configurations

Some gauge configurations are available for use on request (see a list). Please request gauge configurations from ilgti at theory fullstop tifr dot res period in.

Screening correlators and masses

The screening lengths at finite temperature show degeneracy between parity partners. Using overlap quarks in quenched QCD at 2Tc, we found that the vector "meson" correlation function agrees with the free fermion result over 8 decades for inverse lattice spacings of 8Tc, 12Tc and 16Tc. The screening correlator for the scalar is different, but the screening mass approaches the free result slowly as the lattice spacing decreases.


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