Indian Lattice Gauge Theory Initiative,
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai, 400005, India


Lattice 2017 will be held in Granada, Spain on 19--24 June, 2017. A complete list of meetings held in TIFR is available.

Gauge configurations

Some gauge configurations are available for use on request (see a list). Please request gauge configurations from ilgti at theory fullstop tifr dot res period in.


Results of direct interest to heavy-ion physics experiments are collected together into a page on RHIC physics. Our most recent results are on QCD at finite chemical potential. In addition, we have compiled data from the literature on scale setting and finite temperature physics of Nf=2, and quenched QCD.

Available configurations

A list of configurations which are available for use by people outside the collaboration is available. Please write to ilgti at theory period tifr fullstop res dot in to request the configurations.


A list of Master's and Doctoral theses written by students associated with the ILGTI is available. Some of them may contain material supplemental to published work.